Let’s all celebrate the pussy!

WARNING: If offended easily, please click away.

Just another woman with a pussy

Pinch, punch, first day of the month.

Today is the 1st of March.

Today marks the countdown to next weeks International Women’s Day 2014, held on the 8th of March.

Today, here in Sweden, we celebrate this occasion by hosting the first annual Pussy Festival.

Yep, we do!

And it’s open for anybody. Women, men, couples and families.

For the organisers, the VulvaGroup, it’s become a big thing. So much so, they’ve had to relocate their exhibition celebrating everything pussy to a much bigger location.

Just another cupcake made to look like a pussy (Editors note: Or an ear!)

During the course of the day you’ll be able to participate in speed seminars discussing how the vagina is used in various artforms, learn about cunt-anatomy and kids will be able to fish out a nice surprise gift…from a giant pussy.

Just another pussy tunnel of love the kids can walk, crawl or get pulled out of
Just another pussy tunnel of love the kids can walk, crawl or get pulled out of

With their motto, Bringing Back the Pussy, the VulvaGroup’s intentions are to open up positive debate regarding the female sex organ in any way they can.

-We want to get people talking about the pussy in an official capacity. As it is now, the pussy isn’t allowed to take its rightful place in society. It’s become synonymous with contempt and there is a stigma in being able to talk about the pussy openly. It’s our mission to counteract that, says Elin Högberg, one of the event organisers.

Just another pussy made into art
Just another pussy made into art

They also call themselves Vulva Activists and hold their own weekly workshops called Pussy In Focus in and around the Stockholm region. Here they discuss, help and create with each other in all manner of positive-and-negative pussy related activities. Make your own pussy-castings out of plaster, bake your own pussy cupcake or why not mould a pussy out of clay. It’s all been tried and tested by the VulvaGroup.

Just another bunch of pussy formed cupcakes
Just another bunch of pussy formed cupcakes

-As individuals we have so much understanding and experience regarding our pussies, we should be promoting this. You could for example go out and talk to people and bring awareness of the pussy, go to one of our workshops or simply carry a bag or t-shirt with the print of a beautiful pussy on it, says Elin Högberg.

Just another pussy formed art objects
Just another pussy formed art objects

The sudden exposure the Pussy Festival received was primarily given when a local newspaper ran a story about it last week and gave it an almighty boost. Since then it’s been making headlines on various social media outlets and growing in popularity at an amazing rate.

-It’s unbelievable, people seem to think it’s a timely event, says Elin Högberg again.

Since that article was written, the Pussy Festival organisers have been highly present on various TV shows and radio programs to discuss the importance of the pussy and to promote the festival today.

-The pussy…well, the pussy’s here to stay…

Just another snowheap covered with a pussy message


And what do I think of all of this?

You know that feeling when you’re suddenly awoken by something totally unexpected and left in that dazed and confused state for a couple of moments? Like being slapped in the face by a million children all at once…

Very much like that!

Now, due to all of the media exposure the pussy has gotten, the eye of equality now stipulates there has to be a proposal laid down for next year. Apparently there will now be a Penis Festival too. Come on y’all, let’s all celebrate the purple-headed-warrior!

Just another penis reaching into the unknown
Just another penis reaching into the unknown

This is Sweden 2014.

Pinch punch, first day of the month.

No, I wasn’t dreaming…it’s all true!


Sources & pictures: Allt om StockholmRFSU Fittfestival & Wikimedia

Meet the family!

So, after having guided you through my exhilarating life with a tad of imagery, I thought I’d introduce you to the other pair that make up our little trio. But this time, I’ll try something different. I’ll use words!

I can do that too.

Sidenote: I have no intentions of making this a ‘parenting-site’, where a preachy happy sing-a-long dad ministers the best ways of raising cheery and joyous offspring’s. Having read a few of those jaunty parenting sites, I have come to the conclusion there simply is no right way of raising a child. Only indifferent! We all try our best in our own little ways and most of the time it’s more similar to a rollercoaster ride than anything else. So my only advice…enjoy the ride.

67859_10202939622559942_1238482296_nFirst up, there is the inevitable punk-rocker child…my daughter. Her name is Maddy and hit the grand old age of eleven last year. Now, being Maddy seems like the easiest thing in the world to do. It’s simple…it’s all about having fun. It’s all about having fun all of the time. If there was a legal chillpill you could buy, I would have done so by now. I would have bought many.

Somewhere along the line though, she developed the skill of knowing absolutely all there is to know about everyone and everything. This talent has left me fairly bewildered at times, as the wealth in my tiny gene pool is pretty shallow. Names, birthdays, events, times, places, meetings, traffic updates, weather forecasts today/tomorrow and a year in advance…and even tomorrows news. It’s all in her wee little head.

I guess you could describe her as a midget Google resource system…invaluable at times of extreme forgetfulness, which does tend to happen on a frequent basis. A source of prophetic wisdom and divine counsel at my fingertips! My own pod-sized Oracle!

62191_104758419588451_2400378_nWe also have an exceptionally hairy residential sidekick in the house. She goes by the name of Freja…mostly. Sometimes, an expletive or two will be used before the word mutt however. But only when she misbehaves! Now if looks weren’t so incredibly deceiving, one could almost be forgiven for suspecting Maddy and Freja being one and the same. Having been blessed with two such high-octane, adventure seeking members of the household, boredom is never an option for an old laid back dude such as myself.

Now, if you were to compare Freja to an object, she would most likely turn out to be a ricocheting pinball with a supercharged jet-pack on speed! Like a petrified Thomson’s gazelle chased by a starving cheetah, Freja will quite happily run 83 full marathons at full throttle and act oh-so-surprised when her master (me) finally says, ‘Enough’s enough you £$%@-mutt, it’s time to go home’.

But all in all, we enjoy the other’s company and love each other equally…which is fairly beneficial really, seeing since we’re pretty much stuck with each other for the time being.

Well, there you have it, short and sweet. Us in a nutshell…my little dream team!


My life in imagery and a few chosen words – The early years!

I was born. By a human. In Sweden.


I was nurtured and raised. By humans.


I received a brother.


At nine I was whisked off to the Commonwealth. England.


Where I grew up singing God save the Queen. By the Sex Pistols.


I then became an adult. After a stint as a teenager.


And began to work. Eventually.


I flew to Spain…


…and worked. Olé!


I flew to France…


…and worked. Voilà!


I flew to Germany…


…and worked. Mostly. Wunderbaum!


I flew to Australia…


…and worked. Didgeridoo!


My life in imagery and a few chosen wordsTO BE CONTINUED…