Let’s all celebrate the pussy!

WARNING: If offended easily, please click away. Pinch, punch, first day of the month. Today is the 1st of March. Today marks the countdown to next weeks International Women’s Day 2014, held on the 8th of March. Today, here in Sweden, we celebrate this occasion by hosting the first annual Pussy Festival. Yep, we do! […]

Meet the family!

So, after having guided you through my exhilarating life with a tad of imagery, I thought I’d introduce you to the other pair that make up our little trio. But this time, I’ll try something different. I’ll use words! I can do that too. Sidenote: I have no intentions of making this a ‘parenting-site’, where […]

My life in imagery and a few chosen words -The latter years!

I met a woman. Had a child. She was human too. The woman and I separated. I drank a lot. The woman abused substances a lot. There was a big court case. Four years. I got custody. Finally. The little human and I flew to Sweden. Where I now work. Again. In between trying to […]

My life in imagery and a few chosen words – The early years!

I was born. By a human. In Sweden. I was nurtured and raised. By humans. I received a brother. At nine I was whisked off to the Commonwealth. England. Where I grew up singing God save the Queen. By the Sex Pistols. I then became an adult. After a stint as a teenager. And began to […]